* Issues & wishes
** TODO omitting flag -g cause problems with signing.
   aptly supports unsigned repos, shall I use it in this case?
** DONE gpg in cron doesn't work
   Signing file 'Release' with gpg, please enter your passphrase when prompted:
   gpg: cannot open tty `/dev/tty': Нет такого устройства или адреса
   ERROR: unable to publish: unable to detached sign file: exit status 2
   I've patched aptly for this: 59055d7fbddba4ea18b59ef4bdda601d4ebee278

** TODO action to create mirrors automatically
   User should be lazy, shouldn't he? I think it would be cool if user didn't
   need to create mirrors himself.
   I can check /etc/apt/sources.list and catch his preferred mirrors from
   there. Or I can try to use netselect-apt.